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RAK is concerned about the property of customers so before starting any work, they ensure the covering of furniture, floor, and other personal items. After work is done cleaning and setting of the work area is also a responsibility of RAK.

Customers must allow access at a workplace in terms of gate pass permission or any other way. The necessities such as gas, electricity, water, and internet supply are the duty of customers.

  • It is the moral and legal duty of a person either the property owner or representative to be there at a workplace and enable the access of property and other required equipment according to an agreement and be present at the site until work is done by RAK staff·
  • If RAK Team is reached at a workplace according to a scheduled callout appointment but there is no one to give access to or cannot get access to the property then all charges will be paid by the owner as RAK will charge the work and the customer can reschedule or postpone the appointment.  Termination of Appointments
  • If customers want to cancel the scheduled PPM, they must be informed before 72 hours otherwise PPm will be considered as treated. An additional charge or administration fee of AED 200 will be paid as compensation and to schedule a new PPM.

To the fullest extent RAK staff will be vigilant but if there are any mishaps, interference with customer personal property or disappearance of property is not the responsibility of RAK. If the customer is to be blamed then RAK will conduct a full investigation to know the facts. RAK shall not be responsible for any losses of personal property after a fair investigation and in fact, it will affect the name of RAK so owners should always take care of their expensive and precious items.

RAK website has all basic information of standard prices for the specific and basic services and Prices for other areas of services are quotation-based.

RAK is always in the footsteps to meet up the emergency and non-emergency call-outs as mentioned on the contract/ RAK website/ personal literature. RAK is not responsible for any emergency before reaching and after receiving a call intervening time.

RAK has all the ways to show professional behavior, if there is any fault or malfunction in the equipment or system and that malfunctioning is due to the company then RAK will fix it without any charge. But if RAK recommended to change or replace the unit such as motor or any other part and the client does not agree on that then the unit fails. In that case, RAK will not be responsible for that damage and will charge.

During the contract or working period, any damage to the customer’s assets can be found to be responsible for work carried out by RAK, and failure to carry out the proper contracted maintenance, the financial liability to RAK will be limited according to work.

Property and home insurance is a highly recommended plan by RAK as it covers the losses that happened at a workplace such as a leakage, and fire and will support the customer with repair/remediation quotations.

The use of machinery such as scaffold or lifting equipment to reach the workplace or property to carry out heavy equipment can be taken through ladders will b which cannot be reached by normal ladders, will be charged to the customer as an additional fee to the contract fee unless this fee is specified as a contract fee. If there is any security issue or risk in the workplace then RAK will not allow staff to visit or work as we cant put our staff’s life at stake.

RAK has a list of provided materials and items, irrespective of those materials,  other materials, consumables, and spare parts that are required to complete the job will be bought by the customers. 

False and bogus information at the time of the agreement or booking an appointment sh the area of the property, number of rooms, wrong size of tank and pool will give authority to RAK to revise the contract and price charged.

Sometimes before signing an annual maintenance contract, there is a need to fix the small, substandard, and necessary issues such as AC, electrical, and plumbing systems maintenance, in this case, RAK will provide an option with an extra charge for initial corrective maintenance.

For project jobs, the following payment terms apply:

  • If a project is quoted at AED 3,000 or less, then there will be a 100% advance fee payable before work starts.
  • 70% fee is payable for a work  quoted at more than AED 3,000 up to AED 30,000:
  • 20% of the fee is payable when work is in progress
  • 10% of the fee is payable on completion of the job

For major projects, the payment terms will form part of a separate contractual agreement.

Contract renewal can be done after every fourth month. The following conditions apply:

If the area and type of property is the same there are some charges before, but for a different type of property extra charges will be including Charges that can be paid through a bank deposit

On dissolution of contract from the customer side, the customer has to bear a loss and has to pay an 80% charge.

RAK will suspend the contract if there is a failure in prompt settlement of the invoice.

RAK has a right to charge additionally for non-emergency call-outs as AED 290 per callout for 2 hours labor time.

Planned preventive maintenance can be availed by our regular and registered customers and they can pay bills every month. 

After the expiration of the contract, RAK will provide emergency callouts for a maximum of one week on the statement of renewal of the contract.

After the expiry date of the contract, RAK is not responsible for the losses and will charge regular bills on call-out services or book through email.

  • Annual contract payment will be made in advance by using any method as debit or credit card, bank transfer, or cheque
  • Fees depend on the relevant maintenance package and quotation.
  • There are separate dates for monthly package payment and ad hoc service, for monthly package payment is due before the 20th and for ad hoc, it is due within 10 days.
  • In case of failure of payment delivery all services will be canceled or discontinued until the full payment is cleared.
  • According to UAE law, RAK can apply interest to any overdue sums.
  • All payment transactions are to be made in AED only.
  • In case of a payment dispute, it’s up to customers to inform RAK within 5 days from the date of the charge, RAK will cooperate to solve the issue otherwise charges will be deemed valid and due in full.
  • The customer shall pay the Fees plus any applicable VAT.
  • Call-out charges are non-refundable.
  • 100% payment shall be collected before the initiation of services.

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