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RAK provides its services to educational institutes, either schools, colleges, universities and nurseries, intending to help grow the young lot in an advanced manner.

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The government and public sector are building everything inside as healthcare centers, sports and leisure clubs, so there is a need for specific and budget-friendly services. We are providing facility management solutions from general maintenance tasks to roofing and pest control.

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We are offering our facility management services for our business community and client, including office cleaning, repairing, and landscaping. With this, RAK also takes care of property such as on-off repairs like lock fixing replacing doors, HAVC, car parking, façade cleaning, waste management, fire alarm security and addressing roof leaks.

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RAK has flexible and managed solutions and facility management services in the retail sector. We are equipped with well-designed solutions and tools to execute the project from start to finish.



RAK works with different hospitality sectors as clubs, hotel, pubs and restaurants to provide the detail and affordable services from simple to complex. We can deal with every issue, either it's business’s strategic or operational issues, front end requirements and back end work. We provide a real-time solution to our clients.

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RAK is experienced as we deal with many different properties, tenants, and villas maintenance; our affordable services are floor fitting, handyman, environmental services such as garbage chute cleaning, water tank cleaning and pest control, and duct clearing central heating installations and roof repairs.



For leisure and sports cleaning and securities are the most important aspects and we are providing all our facility management services such as fire safety, lift and escalator, car parking services, gate barrier and others at affordable prices for a better experience in this sector.

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We know the importance of securities and services in healthcare sectors as it provides peace of mind to patients, and we are serving wholeheartedly.



For the growth and development of the community, we are offering all our soft and hard integrated facility management services.



RAK has all the tools to provide facility management solutions in the infrastructure sector such as transportation systems, power plants, buildings and facilities, including planning and execution.



RAK is providing all maintenance solutions in the industrial sector, including electrical and gas issues, UPS maintenance energy recycling, efficiency and waste management solutions.



Banking facilities need to stay as secure as possible, and RAK is in an excellent position to serve in this sector.


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