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RaK Building Maintenance

We don’t have a deep history yet have a strong introduction. RAK Building Maintenance was established in 2017 by two passionate and visionary brothers. RAK started its work as a subcontractor with so many leading names of Dubai, but we grew and expanded with time. From this year, we are doing our solo project in facility integration management. We also extend our services as we provide soft, hard, specialized, home maintenance, and others.

RAK Integrated Facility Management (RIFM) has a Head Office in India. RIFM believes in adding diversification in business services. With IFM now, Rak is taking steps towards the IT industry. RIFM is one of the most growing companies in UAE and holds the support from the sister companies, Rak Security Service which provides an extension to its business into the domain of FM and IT domain. RAK is earning its place as a global and emerging player.

Our History

We began our journey in 2018 with five members; however, over the course of 3 years, we have grown organically and now comprise a larger team of 30+ members. Now with the increasing team members, we are offering additional services such as cleaning and landscaping and many more. Our professionals understand the maintenance industry well, our team is available for on-site prompt action as well as an emergency desk.

We use the latest technology, which helps streamline operations, service management, and customer service. Our main goal has always been to become a highly reputable home maintenance and facility management service provider throughout Dubai and known for its professional expertise and customer-focused service

Founder’s Message

I am glad to meet you through this website with my words. At the time of starting, my aim and dream were to make this company problem solver and unique. I make this happen by finding the right team and solemn efforts. My biggest dream was to bring an affordable solution by building RAK. I believe in creating a workplace where employees can use their full potential and, in turn, strengthening and fulfilling our clients’ needs. Our vision is to be the one, the best choice for our customers in the maintenance field. We aim to learn new things every day and will expand at a global pace. We, at RAK, Love to deliver the best to our clients by establishing a foothold.

RAK is obliged to provide valuable offers with our subcontractors, vendors, and customers, etc., and moving forward with this passion. I like to thank all the people behind RAK. I am confident that we will deliver the best to our esteemed customers and expand our roots into other fields and domains.

CEO'S Message

At the time of establishment, we aimed to boost the people’s living standards by providing different services relating to building maintenance in every area of life. With the passage of time, as we are growing and becoming teenagers from the time we are babies, we follow the same footsteps and promises on which we start our journey. No doubt, we are making our name in the market in this short period of four years and growing in numbers as we never compromise on the ethics that we committed to providing in the beginning.


Our interactions with our employees, customers, suppliers, and members guarantee our high standards. RAK building maintenance has invested a great deal in its workforce. Our staff and members are the backbone and pride of our establishment. We completed so many daunting projects by working together. We completed projects in real estate, residential, commercial, and all other buildings as shopping malls and hospitals. The list is just an indication of the diversity of the projects that we have done.


We will continue our tireless pursuit of innovation and global excellence.

I thank all the Team members of RAK Building Maintenance for their contribution and dedication and our valued customers and clients for their confidence in us.

Our Mission and Vision

To be one of the leading names in the UAE that use all the required resources to bring the living standards on the top by using high-Quality Innovation, Reliable and Efficient Services for making living and working spaces comfortable.

We aim to provide solutions that are

  • Sustainable 

    We believe in long-term relations so far, and our products and services are sustainable and cost-effective.
  • Trendy and up-to-date 
    To create maximum value and benefits, we are adding trends and innovations to our services.
  • Hassle-free 
    Our cost-effective services are panic-free as we are your partner in an emergency

Our Values

  • Fulfilment and Up to Date

We believe in complete the task and moving with trends


  • Optimistic

By providing our valuable services, we bring shine, brightness and hope to your living and workplace.


  • Casual

We take a project, search, estimate, and then act.


  • Unity

We love to grow and flourish by collaborating and helping each other.


  • Sustainable

Stand high and try always to be upheld among the business community.

Our People

RAK is standing among the top companies in such a short time span due to its committed, competent, and hard-working team. RAK believes satisfaction and happiness give motivation to employees and that ultimately brings revenue for the company. We are providing the health and financial policies, travel allowance and internet facilities.

  • We believe in empowering the staff
  • Annual events for recreation and gettogether
  • We provide internet room
  • Employ engagement events
  • Inhouse training centers

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