Top 5 Best Interior Companies In UAE

Dubai is well known for its luxurious and modern lifestyle. It is not from the first day as it evolved with time. Dubai, also known as the United Arab Emirates as it is the capital of one of the seven emirates, has the largest real estate expansion in a short time.

During 2006 and 2008, Dubai came out as one of the best architectural and urbanistic cities on the face of the world.

Dubai is renowned for its innovative and stylistic approach to building design, luxury spaces, and residence designs by the best interior designers in Dubai. This is the need for time to build such luxury spaces, buildings, malls, and villas as visitors come there from all over the world to marvel at its stunning villas and commercial developments. Giving a further boost to the city’s expansion is Expo 2020, which will be held in the Middle East from October 2020 to April 2021.

This article will introduce the top5 best interior design companies responsible for decorating some of the fascinating buildings in this exciting city in the desert. Before heading towards the interior design companies, either its office interior design companies in Dubai or commercial interior design companies, let’s discuss what type of services comes under interior design.

What Comes Under The Umbrella Of Interior Designing?

Interior designing is a vast field as it covers all the places, either residential or commercial. Commercial interior design services are common in Dubai as the business is the essence of Dubai. So in disregard people focus on the designing of offices and other workplaces. For this purpose, there is a need to find out the office interior design companies in Dubai or commercial interior design companies. Following are the areas that are famous in interior designing in Dubai.

Residential Interior Designing

Residential areas demand attention as they reveal the asthenic sense of residents and inhabitants of the villa and city, respectively. So in residential interior designing, there are two types of projects as the exterior design of the villas, the design of the external villas,

the exterior design of the landscapes, gardens, and swimming pools,

There is the kitchen, library, washroom, lounge, and many other areas in interior design. If you are looking for residential and commercial interior design companies in Dubai, this article will tell you about the best interior design companies.

Office Interior Design

Offices are the best part to display a sense of responsibility. The interior design should manage a calm place for meetings and a sophisticated well-embroidered wall that motivates the workers and employees and attracts the client. For this, there is a need for office interior design companies in Dubai.

Hospital Design

When we hear the word hospitals, there comes the boom of the smell of medicine in our mind and remembrance of the pain of needles. But imagine with all these things if hospitals are not well managed or nasty then hoe bad experience it will. So a Commercial interior design service helps to make this place worth using as it relates to health.

In hospitals, these points must keep in mind for interior designing

  • Adaptable spaces.
  • Biophilic designs.
  • Integrated technology

Commercial Interior Design

A long list of places and spaces comes under this heading: shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, retail shops, and many others.  A commercial interior design service will fulfil all your needs in this regard if you are in Dubai.

Best Interior Companies In UAE

Al Reyami

If you are searching for the best office interior design companies in Dubai or commercial interior design companies Corporate & Financial, Educational, Healthcare, Hospitality & Retail sectors, then Al Reyami should be your choice. With this, you will find to read a successful and motivating story. In a decade, Al Reyami has grown from a single office organization to 30 companies spread over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, India, and China, doing business in various sectors from urban development to leisure. They are the same committed with their client when they have a five-member team and now 8000. Al Reyami is also a member of CSR.

Blue Moon Interiors

Caring, compassionate and creative are the words that explain the journey of blue moon interiors, working for more than 12 years. They are doing their best as Commercial interior design service providers in all fields as office fit-outs, retail stores, hospitals, shopping malls, and others. Other commercial services blue moon also has employees who are perfect for residential interior designs. Another innovative step taken by the blue moon is the quick design ideas to make their customers happy and satisfied. So it is the best choice for UAE residents if they want interior designing.

Fitout hub is the one-stop-shop for all the issues related to interior designing, as one of the best interior designing companies in Dubai working for more than 9 years, with 7 branches and 1024 projects. They have 75 team members that work in all categories such as acoustics, designs, execution, customer care, information technology, joinery, interior landscaping, and many more. They have professionals who bring innovation in designing your residential villas and buildings, hospitals, office fit-out, and retail stores. Fit-out hub is working on the slogan as Designs can be a catalyst for positive change. So this will be the best choice if you are looking for office interior design companies in Dubai or commercial interior design companies.

Algedra. ae

It is one of Dubai’s most successful design companies; Algedra offers a full scope of services, including architecture, interior design, and landscape design. They are unique in their work as they have an approach to combine Eastern and Western influences and Greek and Italian styles with British innovation. Their projects include both commercial and residential designs with a wide array of different styles. The most interesting projects include BELADBONT Resort, a villa in Emirates Hills, a luxury palace in Abu Dhabi, and a mosque in Sharjah. So the best Commercial interior design service in Dubai without any doubt.

BAFCO Interiors

Since 1991, BAFCO designs have been furnishing commercial spaces to create successful businesses through office solutions that satisfy and make people happy. They have 150 + employees who covered the 2500+ projects. They specifically work for the office fit-out, so if you want to contact office interior design companies in Dubai, BAFCO interiors are best.


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